Women’s PE Briefs is the weekly e-Newsletter covering the achievements of the leading women in private equity, venture capital and other alternatives. Published weekly on Fridays with original reporting, video interviews and a comprehensive news roundup, no other publication provides such timely and sustained coverage of this important leadership group.

When there’s important news about the women who make the deals, invest the capital and build the businesses, you’ll learn about it in Women’s PE Briefs:

  • Obtain insight into the deals driven by women investors
  • See which women were instrumental in their firm’s fund closure
  • Access key industry data that may shape your firm’s approach to deal making and fundraising
  • Read about women entrepreneurs who are building significant companies and attracting capital and attention
  • View job postings to see which companies are reaching out to women to fill key positions
  • Learn which women are being promoted, landing new positions, striking out on their own or embarking on new endeavors
  • Provide team members with role model profiles – women having an impact on the industry – through a multi-user subscription for your firm

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What’s Happening Now in Women’s PE Briefs?

Recent Deals

Oak HC/FT’s Tricia Kemp invests in a company that she describes as an “innovator in fintech,” a company that now has a valuation of more than $2 billion. Read more.

Jesse Draper, founding partner of Halogen Ventures, is a fourth-generation investor, but the first female. In this segment of Video Voices, Jesse shares that when she was a teenager she would join her father on his VC business trips and she quickly realized she was surrounded in meetings by only men. This helped shaped her view that “you can be what you can see” and she set out to work on leveling the playing field for future generations of women investors. Jesse hits on the differences between how men and women fundraise, how they discuss (or not) money, and even how and when they choose to be philanthropic with their money.

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