Women’s PE Briefs is a unique source for news, personal profiles and original video content about the influential women in private equity, venture capital and other alternative investments. Falk Marques Group, producer of the Women’s Private Equity Summit, Women’s Alternative Investment Summit, and the inaugural Leadership Unbound Summit in September 2019, launched Women’s PE Briefs in May 2014 to fill a gap in coverage of the women who are succeeding at the highest levels of the industry. No other publication — online or in print — consistently covers this important leadership group.

Each weekly issue showcases the accomplishments of leading women in the industry: big deals and new ventures, fundraising and exits, and successes at companies owned or run by women. Women’s PE Briefs reports on who’s hiring, who’s retiring, who’s been promoted and who was honored with awards and recognition. When all the important news of the week appears in Women’s PE Briefs, readers can see the significant impact women have across the private equity and alternative investment landscape.

The editor of Women’s PE Briefs is Falk Marques Group Vice President David G. Barry, formerly of Dow Jones & Co., where he oversaw the editorial development of in-person events and audio conferences under such brands as the Private Equity Analyst and VentureWire.

What’s Happening Now in Women’s PE Briefs?

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Lux Capital’s Deena Shakir and 23andMe co-founder Anne Wojcicki dial into a telehealth company. Read more.

In this segment of Video Voices, we introduce you to “the happiest accidental venture capitalist you’ll ever meet,” Liza Landsman, a general partner at NEA. From lessons learned to what 2021 holds in store for small businesses and others, Liza shares her perspective on how having operator experience has become a valuable asset in venture capital. She goes on to explore how “the e-commerce genie is a really hard one to put back in the bottle once it’s out” and how fintech is everywhere these days.

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